"...It was exactly this bottle of wine, that fell over and leaked towards an empty coffee bag, marking the beginning of
The Coffee Jacket story."
From coffee plantations of Asia, Africa, Central & South America to coffee roasting houses in Europe coffee beans are transported in coffee bags. At this, having performed their job for now, the story line of such coffee bags is considered to be over. But not in our case.
Out of these bags
with passion for jackets and love for details
we handcraft The Coffee Jackets.

Jackets that crossed the world´s oceans carrying precious coffee beans inside.
The Coffee Jacket changed my life

In Hamburg, in the coffee-roasting house of my good friend we were sitting amid coffee bags, enjoying a hearty talk over a bottle of wonderful red wine.

It was exactly this bottle of wine, that fell over and leaked towards an empty coffee bag, marking the beginning of THE COFFEE JACKET story.

Funny as it may sound,
but in the dark
the traces of wine accident on the coffee bag resembled a jacket.
And it came to me in a flash:
"I must make a jacket of it".

From that moment I was fully fascinated by the idea.
And The Coffee Jacket changed my life.
But working as a top manager in the global financial world, I couldn`t devote myself entirely to my new dream at that moment.
And a short time later, the decision was made.

Now that I had a free hand, I could finaly start developing the first prototype.
But just cutting coffee bags open and sewing up jackets from, them wouldn`t work.
The future jacket had to be processed in such a way that jute, the bags are made from, wouldn`t scratch and the most frequently used places wouldn`t fray.
We faced and coped with this challenge.

Again and again, our dear customers are surprised,
how soft The Coffee Jacket feels on the skin.
Inside delicately lined to the highest quality standard, it feels fantastically pleasant on the skin, taking your heart from the first try-on.
The most unusual bags
with extremely rare prints turn into
Limited Edition Jackets

As it turned out, it`s not that easy to find suitable used!!! coffee bags (that`s crucially important)
, which would work well to make jackets from.
Once the bags arrived at the coffee-roasting houses,
they are usually torn open by special machines,
in order to be emptied quickly.
Ripped open in such a way, they have no use for us. For this reason,
we use only bags that have been emptied carefully,
only bags that are absolutely natural
and completely biodegradable,
only bags made from 100% jute.

Before processing,
each coffee bag is thoroughly cleaned.

Due to the fact that certain coffee bags with especially eye-catching, rare prints
are always extremely limited in number,
like those with a giraffe from Africa
or with a jaguar from South America,
we have a brilliant opportunity to delight our customers with
Limited Edition Coffee Jackets.
In October 2019
The Coffee Jacket appeared
on pages of
“WIZZ AIR Lifestyle Magazine”.

We were proud to “top” the list of the
“Things WIZZ loves this month”.
In July 2019
The Coffee Jacket
was included for one year
in program of the special exhibition
"Cosmos Coffee"
by the Deutsches Museum.
In May 2019 in Linz (Austria),
The Coffee Jacket
was honoured by 14 countries

to one of the three finalists
in the category "Product of the year" within the MOVECO Innovation Award.
Also we were invited
for the second time
to represent The Coffee Jacket
in the noble department store
Breuninger House Leipzig.
That`s exactly what makes your jacket
unique and unrepeataple

What you also need to know
is that we do not make any prints by ourselves.
All the prints on your Coffee Jacket are
original, authentic coffee farms` prints.
And each coffee farm mirrors in its prints
a piece of its own history.

Using coffee bags originating from different coffee farms, countries and continents,
we generally have no influence on the final print in total while creating your Coffee Jacket.
But that‘s exactly what makes
your The Coffee Jacket the only of its kind.

Worldwide the customers of The Coffee Jacket
enjoy a great exclusivity
to wear a jacket that definitely no one else in the world possesses.

You will never meet two identical Coffee Jackets.
Each jacket - unique and unrepeatable. Each one is individual like its owner.

You can take our word:
your days with The Coffee Jacket
will never be the same as before.
Wherever you`ll appear with it, you will engage everybody`s eyes and be in spotlight.
Each jacket is unique & different!
We are members of the COFFEE KIDS - program empowering the future generations of coffee farmers.