THE COFFEE JACKET® - The Art of Upcycling

You are wearing a jacket that has traveled thousands of miles around the world, created from selected coffee bags, each unique in its own way.

The valuable coffee beans were transported in these coffee bags from coffee plantations across the world's oceans, to be stored in coffee warehouses, before finding their way to the coffee roasters.

But what do you do with the remaining coffee bags that have completed their initial purpose?

  • This jacket is crafted with great attention to detail. We embrace the sustainable practice of reusing existing resources and materials, a process known as upcycling, to conserve raw materials. This concept inspired the idea behind THE COFFEE JACKET®, which we have creatively realized in collaboration with national and international designers.

  • Changes in the structure and fiber traces contribute to the jacket's unique character, revealing the marks of its extensive journey and history. We exclusively source well-preserved, used coffee bags from around the world. Before being processed, they undergo a thorough cleaning. With regular wear, we recommend having THE COFFEE JACKET® professionally cleaned annually. Due to the pure natural fibers, the jacket may experience changes in color over time.

We prioritize fair trade to ensure that THE COFFEE JACKET® embodies not only environmental awareness but also the ethical values of our society.

Coffee bags are made from jute, a 100% natural and biodegradable fiber that does not emit any toxic gases or pollutants.

Welcome—step into a new and timeless world of clothing that celebrates absolute exclusivity.

You will feel it and experience it!