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The Coffee Jacket

LLAMA Design (Limited Edition) - UNISEX

LLAMA Design (Limited Edition) - UNISEX

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Unique and extravagant!

In the world of fashion, as in any art, only unique pieces are timeless and always desired. As well as the trend towards consideration for the environment will never "go out of fashion".
Exactly this concept is behind the new The Coffee Jacket model with an atmospheric LLAMA coming directly from the original coffee sack from Peru.

Excellent processing with high grade materials:
Zippers made of solid and robust titanium - German product.
Inside - silky smooth lining + inserts made of 100% cotton.
Outside - double-stitched cuffs, knitted by a German manufacturer, and original jute of coffee sacks. And it doesnt`t scratch at all!!

Lovingly handcrafted by recycling rare Peruvian coffee sacks, this exclusive fashion item is a highlight jacket that not everyone in the fashion world possesses, as we offer only limited editions.

Produced in Germany. Free shipping worldwide.


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